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Aug 2011
joseph gordon-levitt, news  •  By  •  Comments Off on Cinemablend’s 50/50 interview with Jonathan Levine

Jonathan talks about casting Joe in 50/50:

I do want to also talk about Joseph Gordon-Levitt a little bit because his performance is actually astonishing. I guess, just for starters, I know that originally James McAvoy was attached to play Adam but had to drop out, so from the get go, what was the process of getting Gordon-Levitt to star?

Well we were, it was, James unfortunately had to leave because of family obligations, a family emergency. So essentially, we needed someone quickly. It’s not a big budget movie, you can’t really afford to have everyone sitting around waiting for someone. So we all loved the idea of Joe, we all loved him as an actor, so we got it to him. He liked it, luckily, he came up to my office where Seth and I were hanging out and we gave him the hard shell, which was convincing him we were cool people. He had already responded to the script, and then he just jumped right in. It wasn’t more than a couple of weeks later that we were shooting. So the really, really remarkable thing about it is to me, just how much he was able to do in that time. And how incredibly attuned he was to the character. I just thought it was amazing what he was able to do with that little prep time. Of course, we started rehearsing right away. We got him into Cancer Survivors in Vancouver, who were gracious enough to talk to him about their experience. But yeah, to be able to come in and so quickly deliver a performance like that, which is a performance that you would think someone has been preparing a lifetime for, is incredible.


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